Genetics Program Executive Committee

2018-2019 Committee Members

Front: Bill Henry, Cathy Ernst, Ana Vazquez

Back: Ryan Corbett, Kefei Yu, AJ Robison, Shin-Han Shiu

The Genetics Program Executive Committee (GPEC) consists of the Genetics Program Director, the Associate Director, one graduate student, and four faculty members who are elected to overlapping terms by a vote of the faculty in the program. This committee meets once a month, and acts as a sounding board for issues that affect the Genetics Program. The Executive Committee members help collect input from faculty and students on a wide range of subjects, and they take an active role in planning and implementing Genetics Program activities. The Executive Committee is the primary forum for review of operating procedures, course requirements, and other topics that concern the education of graduate students in the program. It also makes decisions about requests for faculty affiliation or membership.