Ashley Severance

Lab: K. Latham
Oocyte Spindle Quality

mouse oocytes

I study oocyte spindle biology. Although the meiotic spindle is similar in some ways to the mitotic spindle, it has many meiosis-specific mechanisms controlling spindle formation and meiotic progression. I am most interested in factors affecting spindle structure and function, which can result in aneuploidy if perturbed. My PhD research has involved in vitro maturation of mouse oocytes in a variety of conditions to determine the downstream affect on MI and MII spindle structure.

kids in classroom

I began my Girl Scouts outreach program with the hope of inspiring young women in science. Previously a Girl Scout myself, I understood the value of Girl Scouts and thought it would be the perfect medium to teach girls about being in STEM fields. During my activity, we do a DNA isolation, a crime DNA gel, and make a DNA model. I have done this presentation with all ages of girls and each time is a new and fun experience. We talk about doing experiments, what it’s like to be a scientist, and to never feel that you cannot do something because you are a girl! I am continually impressed by these amazing girls!