Retreat 2009

August 31, Lakeview Conference Center


Schedule for CMB/GEN Retreat

Monday, August 31st





New students arrive


Breakfast and Honesty Hour


Current students arrive


Round Table Discussions Part I (All students)


- Finding and Applying for fellowships and grants led by Marc Breedlove


- Finding a post-doc led by Dr. Chris Waters and Ann Dorrance


- CV writing and Networking led by Matt Helms.


Round Table Discussions Part II


- Same as above


Break/Set up posters


Post docs and professors arrive


Introduction of BMB and MMG students


Dr. Robin Buell, Department of Plant Biology


“20 Rice genomes and counting: Is more better?”


Nitin Raj , Genetics student


“Functional overlap in the Drosophila Retinoblastoma protein activity and stability”


Lunch hour and Poster Session


Dr.Chris Waters, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


“Dissecting and Targeting Cyclic di-GMP Second Messenger Signaling in Bacteria"


Meghan Drummond , Genetics Student


“Lessons from a mouse model for human hearing loss”




Dr.Andy Amalfitano, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


“Developing Therapies for Genetic Diseases, A Reality Check”


Lori Imboden , CMB student


“The Arabidopsis ARF-Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor, MIN7”


Poster session-Appetizers-mixer


BBQ dinner



  Andy Amalfitano - Retreat 09.JPG

    Arianna Smith & Emily Flynn - Retreat 09.JPG

Professor Andy Amalfitano describes his research on vectors for gene therapy.

Graduate students Arianna Smith and Emily Flynn
discuss research at the poster session.

Audience - Retreat 09.JPG

CMB/Genetics students listening to a presentation

Genetics students and faculty; left to right: 
Erin Wakeling, Brad Cavinder, Dr. Debra Schutte, 
Dr. Brian Schutte, and Meg Drummond

Brad Cavinder & Andy Amalfitano - Retreat 09.JPG

Meghan Drummond - Retreat 09.JPG

Brad Cavinder explains his project to 
Professor Andy Amalfitano.

Meghan Drummand describes her research 
in a oral presentation.

  H. Geekiyanage, F. Sethna, S. Masani, J. Taft, B. Marrero-Rosado - Retreat 09.JPG

Kathy Meek CMB Associate Director - Retreat 09.JPG

Female graduate students, left to right:  
Hirosha Geekiyanage, Ferzin Sethna, Shahnaz Masani, Jessica Taft, Brenda Marrero-Rosado

CMB Associate Director, Kathy Meek,
receives an important text message


Graduate student Nitin Raj answers a question 
after his oral presentation.

Pampa Molina Campos talks with Professor 
John Fyfe about her research at the poster session

Genetics students Rachel Spurbeck and 
Neil Akhikari socialize at the mixer

Birds eye view of faculty members (left to right)
John LaPres, Emily Harper, Eric Hegg, Susan Conrad, 
Sandra Haslam and Cindy Miranti